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March 01, 2005

SES Conference, NYC 2005

Mark Fletcher
Mr. Fletcher's first panel as a member of Ask Jeeves.

This year's Search Engine Strategies conference began yesterday in New York City, the largest conference about search engines.  There are about 20 people here from Ask Jeeves this year, six of whom are speakers. 

To help get things started, Ask Jeeves threw a little shindig last night at Aer Lounge, a club in the uber-hip meat-packing district.  Despite constant snowfall, there was a really strong turnout from the guest list. 

SES Jeeves Reception
SES goes clubbing.

We wanted to keep it low key and just create an environment for everyone to have a good time, rather than have a big "Jeeves Is The Man" bash.  On the other hand, we did treat our guests to a special performance by Ask TV spokesmodel William Hung.  William, flanked by his parents and a bodyguard, mingled with the crowd before pleasing them with renditions of She Bangs, Rocket Man, YMCA, and - best of all - Can You Feel the Love Tonight? 

Hung sings the classics
Greg Boser and Co. contemplate optimizing for the keywords, "It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A."

William Hung with Heather & Derrick
Ask Jeeves' Heather and Derrick are awestruck in the presence of greatness.

William Hung sang to Jeeves
William Hung goes for a high note.

This year marks my first chance to attend SES New York.  The show really kicked into full gear today and didn't disappoint (except for in the NYHilton's wi-fi access department, but I digress). People have always talked about SES in a similar fashion to the way folks recently discussed The Gates, which I saw on Sunday: some people rave about it, some people bag on it.

the gates - photo ops for all
I got here just in time to see The Gates.  The word is saffron.

In the end, to me, both of these events are worth it. They each manage to arouse passionate discussions, in a public dialog, that pull people outside their routine ways of thinking. At least for a bit. Anything that can achieve that is always worth the trip -- even when it's wet, snowing & 25 degrees outside…

Scott Grieder, Product Manager & Photoblogger

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I am brand new to the world of the blogging, and a corporate blog at that. Impressive to see AskJeeves with a corporate blog.

Posted by: Paul | Mar 1, 2005 10:41:28 PM

Of all the reps from the search engines, I really appreciated the candor and honesty and openness that I found when talking to people from Ask. I hope that your search engine continues to thrive and grow - you deserve it.

Please drop a line to Rahul Lahiri in particular who took time out of what must have been a busy schedule to spend 20 minutes laughing & discussing the operations and technology that powers Teoma. Give that man a raise!

Posted by: randfish | Mar 8, 2005 6:08:32 PM

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