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March 07, 2006

Ask.com France: A Fresh Alternative

The French community has been waiting a long time for a newcomer in the search   engine arena. The wait is over! At the same time as Ask.com is unveiling a new image for its American, British, Japanese, Spanish and German sites, it presents its brand new   French beta version, Ask.com France.

Do as thousands of other users have already done: come and discover Ask.com France.

With the warm welcome it received in the print and online press since its launch of last week, it is to be expected that it will soon become a preferred search engine on the French web.

"Technically, the search engine offers arguments that are bound to seduce." - Yves Grandmontagne, silicon.fr

" …this beta version does not yet offer all the same features as its big English sister. However, possibilities are numerous and… some of them are quite interesting! " - Alexandre Laurent, L'Atelier

"Another search engine, maybe, but surely an alternative to what currently serves as a yardstick in the industry, and this is welcome news." - Génération   Nouvelles Technologies

The advanced technology used by Ask.com France provides fast and intelligent results to users' queries. With its unique ranking methodology, it provides better search results by identifying the most authoritative and respected web sites.

Besides offering a unique ranking algorithm, Ask.com France also offers features   and tools that will give you a refined experience. Among them, the Binoculars   that give you a preview of search results; the French translation feature for sites written in a foreign language; MyStuff, a unique area where you can save, share and store search results found while browsing the Web; and let's not forget an easy access to Bloglines, your window onto the new "living" Web.

And this is just a beginning! Ask.com France is committed to use all of its resources to offer you a product that is based on the very latest technology and that will surpass your expectations. We will offer you new services, such as news feeds, maps and itineraries, online shopping, downloads, etc.

In the meantime, we invite your comments and suggestions at this address: we aim to offer you the very best search experience.

France Précourt and Brigitte Minault
France Country Specialists

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Bravo Ask :) Quand la version française disposera-t-elle des fonctionnalités de la version américaine comme le "narrow/expand your search" ?

Posted by: Sebastien Billard | Mar 8, 2006 12:30:58 AM

Ya! Bravo Ask :)

Posted by: Slav Zat | Apr 5, 2006 4:54:01 AM

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