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March 21, 2006

Ask.com Nederland: Search Better and Find Faster!

Ask.com Nederland

I am very proud to announce that Ask.com has landed in the Netherlands, as we have recently introduced the beta version of Ask.com Nederland. Our unique search technology is now available for all Dutch people to enjoy. Jeeves, our loyal butler has retired with honor and left us with a sleeker design and new search tools. Try it out and discover: Ask.com Nederland!

The Dutch press has picked up on the new site and wrote some very positive responses that confirm our expectation that Ask.com Nederland would be received with much enthusiasm:

Ask.com is the only big search engine that divides the Web into 'site communities'”
- Henk de Hooge, Dutch Cowboys

Like its competitors it is based on link popularity. But Ask.com takes it up a notch. It also analyzes the notoriety and 'reputation' that the links have among the experts of specific fields.
-Marco Derksen, Marketingfacts

We have also received some good feedback from users:
“Lots of functionality and no baloney! Exactly right! Keep it up!”
“I love the site. … and the tools palette is really great.”

With Ask.com Nederland we enter the Dutch search arena with a unique and refreshing approach to search. The search technology that Ask.com has developed is unrivaled and interprets the Web as it is naturally structured, in organically formed topic communities. This allows us to identify the most authoritative and respected web sites for your queries.

Besides offering a first-class search engine, Ask.com also comes with a package of features and tools united in our “Toolbox”. These search tools make searching and finding things even easier and transform web surfing into a social activity:

One of the best examples of the “social’ character of our search tools is MijnAsk, the personalized search service that lets you save web pages, upload and save images, and transfer and share information by organizing contents in folders. I use it on a daily basis myself. My personal favorite in the Toolbox is Bloglines. With Bloglines you can keep track of the blogs and RSS feeds that are most important and interesting to you - and even create your own blog - without installing any software. For our Dutch site, we made sure to include Binoculars, our tool that creates previews of Web sites without having to click through to the site, a very nifty and great time-saving tool. We are also very happy to have Image Search on our Dutch site; search specifically among the billions of images that are out there.

And this is just the beginning. The coming months we will add a wide range of search tools like News, Smart Answers, Encyclopedia, Related Search and much more to the Toolbox. In the meanwhile we will keep improving our main objective: to be the most advanced search engine that finds the best results the fastest.

We love to hear what you think of Ask.com Nederland. Please send us your feedback at this address: [email protected].

Search and you shall find with Ask.com Nederland. Enjoy!

Tico Andrea
Product Specialist – The Netherlands

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