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March 14, 2006

Welcome Ask.com Italia!

Ask.com Italia

I'm excited to announce that now Italians too can enjoy Ask's advanced search technology. Our new Ask.com Italia was officially launched in beta on March 8. Italian users may have caught a glimpse of Ask.com and its remarkable technology after they read about our newly opened European Research Center in Pisa. Now, they can enjoy it in a localized version.

You will notice that our butler and mascot Jeeves has retired; he leaves us with a sleeker homepage and instinctive search tools, gathered in a convenient toolbox.

One of the cool Ask products currently available on the Italian site is MioAsk, the personalized search service which lets you save web pages, upload and save images, and transfer and share information by organizing contents in folders. Another is Bloglines, our perfect feed aggregator where you can find the most extensive and best quality collection of blogs available on the Web - even create your own blog - without installing any software. We made sure to add the Binoculars website preview tool as well; you just mouse over the binoculars icon to see a thumbnail of the home page, without having to click through to the site itself. I personally use our Image Search all the time.

This is just a taste! In the near future, we expect to offer Italian users the new services already available on the US site www.ask.com: News, Smart Answers, Related Search, and many others, all in a fully localized Italian format.

I've been proudly reading the Italian press and taking notice of the excitement surrounding the arrival of a new search engine in the national market.

ComputerWorld Italia is impressed by the Ask.com proprietary algorithm ExpertRank and points out the engine's uniqueness, "Like its competitors it is based on link popularity but, unlike them, it analyzes also the notoriety and 'reputation' that the links have among the experts of specific fields, subdividing the Web into 'site communities'".

PC World Italia notes the novelty of the tools on Ask.com US: "It is exactly these functionalities, together with the proprietary algorithm, which distinguish it from the competitors and will be localized one after the other for Italy".

The Team and I look forward to receiving comments and suggestions from Italian users to help us perfect Ask.com Italia. Have a look at the site and send us your ideas and feedback at the address [email protected].

Search better on Ask.com Italia!

Raffaella Buschiazzo
Italy Product Specialist

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