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April 07, 2006

Price Check

About six weeks ago this announced my new job at Ask.com.

My first month at Ask.com was, in a word, awesome! Many thanks to my new Ask.com colleagues for their many kind words and for a lot of help in getting me going with my new job. In the first month we got a lot done including several live presentations and a bunch of magazine interviews like this one.

As the original blog post points out, I'm a librarian by trade and also the editor and founder of two sites that continue while I work at Ask.

Allow me to formally introduce ResourceShelf and DocuTicker. I think one or both of these resources will be of interest to many of you. In other words, you don't have to be a librarian to find ResourceShelf and DocuTicker to find the sites useful and valuable. I'm happy to report that both sites have a large and growing readership outside of the library profession. These groups include journalists, educators, students, business people (especially in public relations and marketing) along with information and search geeks.

ResourceShelf has been online for over five years. In fact, we celebrated our fifth birthday on March 1st. What is it? A daily update of database news, search news, information industry happenings and a never ending stream of new resources ranging from new full text reports to lists and rankings to vertical search tools. Think of it as a tool that you can use to help build your own virtual Internet tool belt.

Next, is DocuTicker. This site, also updated daily, is where we post even more new, often just hours old, full text reports that we don't have room for on ResourceShelf. The content comes from a variety of government agencies, think tanks, non-government organizations, universities, etc. I'm also happy to report that ResourceShelf has a large subscriber base via Bloglines.

Full text RSS feeds for both sites are available: ResourceShelf | DocuTicker
I would like to invite all Ask.com Blog readers to stop by, take a look, and hopefully make both sites part of your regular reading routine. We update just about seven days a week.

Finally, three more brief points.

First, ResourceShelf and DocuTicker are independent sites. We are free to post what we like when we like. I think if you review ResourceShelf since I began at Ask.com, you'll see that our coverage and scope have not changed.

Second, although I'm the editor of both sites we have several other people, with more to come, contributing content and resources and occasional commentary.

Third, we've learned that although we update the site daily and offer an RSS feed many people still want a reminder in their email box. So, once a week we send out a weekly email newsletter with a few of the highlights from the past week.

That's it for now. Thanks for your interest. If all goes as planned I'll be posting to the blog on a regular basis with an occasional comment or two along with highlights from both blogs.


Gary D. Price
MLIS Librarian Director of Online Information Resources
Ask.com Director of Online Information Resources
Editor ResourceShelf.com
Editor DocuTicker.com

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