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October 26, 2006

Halloween: So Close it's Scary

Halloween. All Hallow's Eve. Samhain. The night before bags of Snickers go 50% off. Planning a party, a costume design, or a great trick-or-treating experience for yourself or your little ones? Better get cracking. Like Michael Myers chasing after Jamie Lee Curtis, it'll be here before your know it.

That's where Ask.com can swoop in, Nosferatu-like, to help. Come to us for all the information you'll need to prepare for this scariest of holidays.

Try a search for "Halloween" on our site or even in your new Ask.com search box within IE7. You'll get a cauldron-full of targeted results--but even better, you'll also get a Smart Answer that's your gateway to everything 10/31: recipes, costume ideas, safety tips, pumpkin-carving patterns and a hell of a lot more.

You'll find out where to buy costumes online, or how make your own. Check our image   search for dozens of thought starters. Need some spooky SFX for your party? We'll point you to them. Want some craft ideas or games to keep your kids or party guests busy? BOO! Here they are.

All the info you'll need to make your Halloween planning faster and more fun is a search away. So if you're looking for a good orange-and-black popcorn ball recipe, or want to dress your dog like Darth Vader, then enter our domain...IF YOU DARE!

The Ask.com Team

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