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October 31, 2006

Putting the "Howl" in Halloween

Some of the funnier photos being passed around the Ask.com offices lately indicate an unusual inclination around the country: dressing your dog up for Halloween.


We guess it makes sense. After all, many consider their pet part of the family. And dogs have the same candy-eating habits as most children. But whatever the reason, this year we're seeing this whole dog costume thing trending upward. Need proof?

Typing "dog costumes" into Ask.com returns more results than you can wag a tail at, including listings for canine costume parties from Albuquerque to New Jersey. You'll find plenty of pics of costumed canines in our Ask.com image search and our Pricegrabber pages--but if you have a low cuteness threshold, back away now!


The favorite ones around the office are the costumes with little fake human arms--which are much cuter and less creepy than they sound. Our top two favorites are Wonder Woman and Princess Leia, with the little fireman coming in a distant but adorable third.

What have we learned from this? That there are strange and creative people out there. That many of them are dog lovers. But most important, that Ask.com is your way to find them, learn all about them, and maybe even join them.

Happy Halloween!

--The Ask.com Team

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