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January 03, 2007

AskCity Gets You Through Award Season

So that West Wing Season Seven box you received for Hanukkah kept you away from all the "for your consideration" movies (including For Your Consideration) you planned to see over the holidays. And now awards season is fast upon us. Worry not! Let AskCity be your guide.

Let's say you heard that one of the really good ones this year was directed by Clint  Eastwood--but you don't remember the name of the film. Fine. Just go to AskCity from the Ask.com home page and search using his name and your area (city, town, or zip code will do)...

...and you'll discover not one, but TWO awards-bait Eastwood-helmers playing at theaters near you.

Clicking on the links to their respective websites show that both are nominated for awards this year.

Looking for "that Cate Blanchett movie?" Depending on your zip code, she's in anywhere from one to three of 'em, all bucking for awards: Babel and The Good German in wide release, Notes on a Scandal in select cities. Is your city one of them? AskCity can find  out for you.

And let's not forget the children. Still haven't taken your kids to Happy Feet? How they let you get away with that is beyond us, but a quick go-round on AskCity Movie Search gives you times, theaters, directions, reviews (of both the movies AND the theaters) and ticket purchase options--on the same page--for this Golden Globe nominee.

Or maybe while you're trying to find the closest showing of The Queen, you've decided that, hey, it'll show up on DVD eventually and you'd really rather see a distinctly non-nominated comedy instead. Hit the Search by Genre "Comedy" link and Night at the Museum is just a click away.

We'll leave the Oscar parties and office pools up to you. But if you want to see those watercooler-worthy movies--and find somewhere to eat or drink after the show--AskCity is here for you.

--The AskCity Team

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