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January 08, 2007

(Best Of 2006)3

It's a full week into the New Year and the torrent of year-end "Best Of" lists shows no sign of ebbing. Bloggers have taken it upon themselves to stave the flood by putting together "Best Of" lists of the "Best Of" lists. No dice: now the BO2 (Best-Of-Best-Of) lists are piling up to dangerous info-overload levels. Clearly, it's time for Ask.com to step in and save the day.

Thanks to Ask.com Blog & Feed Search, we've searched out and culled down to offer you this "Best Of the Best Of the Best Of" lists--or as we call it, the BO3.

"Techfluencers" (as our research department calls them) will get a kick out of The Digital Edge blog's BO list, which links to resources like Jacob Neilsen's "Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design" and Business 2.0's "Top Ten Can't-Miss Predictions for 2007!"

General-interest blog At Least One Cool Thing shares this year's Darwin Awards and 20 weirdest gadgets from The Register UK (spoiler warning: #1 is "Gupi the Robot Guinea Pig").

Bibliophiles (if you know what that word means, you're one of them) will dig Brit-born Sharon Bakar, blogging all the way from Malaysia. Her Bibliobibuli blog offers up a short but sweet page of BO 2006 book lists, including the NY Times ten best books and the 100 best from Canada's Globe and Mail.

Architecture and public space aficionados will want to check out The Spacing Wire's BO lists, especially if you live in New York, Chicago, San Francisco or Toronto.

Right-wing blog Urban Grounds offers a curious set of lists from sources like The Star and Right Wing Views, including the Top 10 Naked People on Google Earth. The naked list is surprisingly work-safe. Urban Grounds' rhetoric? Less so.

And what would this post be without BOs from music blogs & feeds, starting with Pitchfork Media's indispensable Top 50 Albums of 2006. Pitchfork also offers the top 100 songs and top 25 music videos. Jazz lovers should check out the St. Louis Jazz Notes blog's collection of BO lists, which includes picks from jazz editors at Downbeat, Billboard and The Village Voice. Suite 101's Folk Music 101 blog offers a handful of folk and rock BO lists, and Stereogum starts with a few links to BOs and lets their readers contribute the rest via comments. Blogocracy in action!

For those who look on the geekier side of life, comics industry journalist Tom Spurgeon has assembled two dozen of his peers' BO lists on his Comics Reporter blog. There's a "worst of" here as well, plus links to yet more sets of BOs. Our heads are stating to hurt.

Of course you can count on Largehearted Boy for a master list of all the music BOs, and  Fimoculous or an aggregate list of pretty much ALL the BOs out there. Oh, and there's  YesButNoButYes, which has a BO3 list like not unlike ours...making ours a BO4 list! In your face, YesButNoButYes!

Honestly, if we get any more meta, we're bound to make someone's "Best Of" list ourselves. Oh wait--we already did? Well, there you go.

--The Ask.com Team

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