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January 31, 2007

February Smart Answers

Who knew such a cold month would have so much going on? Awards shows, African American History Month, Johnny Cash's birthday…February's looking like a full dance card. Look to Smart Answers to give you the info you need.


FEBRUARY: Smart Answers for Important Dates

Feb 1: Thomas Edison completes the world's first movie studio (1893).
Feb. 2: Groundhog  Day. Oh, all right. Here's some movie clips.
Feb. 4: Super Bowl Sunday. Also Rosa Parks' birthday, and the ninth anniversary of Bill Gates getting a pie in the face. We're just saying.
Feb. 11: The Grammy awards.
Feb. 12: Abraham Lincoln's birthday.
Feb. 14: Valentine's Day. Better plan that evening out!
Feb. 19: Presidents' Day. Which doesn't actually fall on a president's birthday this year. Just be happy for the long weekend.
Feb. 20: Mardi Gras Day. Also what would have been Kurt Cobain's 40th birthday.
Feb. 22: George Washington's birthday. See above.
Feb. 25: The Academy Awards.

FEBRUARY: Recently Added Smart Answers

The Latest News Images

If you're searching Ask.com for images of newsworthy subjects like Iraq, GW Bush, or the Screen Actors Guild Awards, you can expect the latest photos hot off the wires.

Anime Characters

We've got Edward Elric, Tsurumaki's FLCL, even Kimba the White Lion. TetsuOOOOOOOO!

--The Ask.com Smart Answers team

What? did none of you see Akira?

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wowwww!!! another smart info for me..hehe..thanks

Posted by: maon | May 8, 2007 7:11:12 PM

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