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May 07, 2007

Moms, Mars, and Mr. T: May Smart Answers.

It's a month of nice weather, hockey playoffs, and a lot more. Let's get right to the May Smart Answers:

New Smart Answers:

State quarters and state seals. Prepare to ace that Social Studies test!

Weight on other planets. For instance, 150 lbs. on earth = just 9 lbs on Pluto.

NHL hockey playoffs, access to all the info you'll need to keep up.

Results of historic games, like the 1974 Stanley Cup final.

Smart Answers for May Dates:

5/1: May Day
5/3: James Brown, Golda Meir. Now that's a double-birthday-party I would've paid good money to see.
5/4: Audrey Hepburn
5/5: Cinco de Mayo
5/8: President Harry Truman
5/12: Burt Bacharach, George Carlin, Katharine Hepburn, Florence Nightingale
5/13: Mother's Day
5/14: George Lucas
5/18: Pope John Paul II, Frank Capra
5/19: Malcom X, Pete Townsend
5/20: Cher
5/21: Mr. T
5/24: Bob Dylan
5/26: Al Jolson, Stevie Nicks
5/27: Golden Gate Bridge opened; Henry Kissinger
5/28: Memorial Day
5/29: Bob Hope, JFK
5/30: Mel Blanc
5/31: Clint Eastwood

More...next month!

--The Ask.com Smart Answers Team

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Why do you have a Porn star want to be on your advertisements Kato? He has a questionable past with OJ Simpson...Not a good choice on your part.

Posted by: Steve Wilkinson | Jun 28, 2007 5:38:03 PM

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