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August 22, 2007

SES San Jose LIVE / Day 3: SEO Panelist Secrets

So I was chatting with a couple other Askickers at the conference, and one of us, Senior Product Manager Kapil Raina, pointed out a fascinating aspect of the show:

Some of the SEOs on the panels have been optimizing their own presentations.

They're taking advantage of fact that their presentations are being recorded, either in audio, in transcripts, or in blogs. Two of those media (maybe all three) are searchable online--so the SEOs are using keywords in their talks that will show up when being crawled and searched.

Their slides are sprinkled with their sites' keywords, and speak to the the SEOs' expertise.

Lastly, at the end of their presos, many are offering links to the Powerpoint decks & content from their presentations--on their own sites--even though the presos are offered on the SES site. The links are subdomains on their own sites--which allows them to track their leads.

What have we learned from this? If you're ever looking for real-world examples of SEO, just look to the SEOs themselves.

Thanks Kapil!

My Day 3 Recap is going to have to wait a day, as Ask is sponsoring a party and I have to represent. Have a great night.


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