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July 15, 2008

Ask.com Ranks George Clooney as Users Favorite Batman

With the highly-anticipated July 18th release of The Dark Knight on the horizon, record reports of ticket pre-sales and of course the Oscar buzz around the late Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker, Ask.com retired to our own bat cave (aka our search banks) to reveal searching habits around this soon-to-be box office hit. Just as we suspected, users are conducting searches on everything from actors who have played Batman to directors to Heath Ledger himself...

Four mega-stars have played the role of Gotham City’s "Caped Crusader" over the years, and according to our search banks, George Clooney from Batman and Robin reins Bruce Wayne supreme with over 67% of searches followed by Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight), Val Kilmer (Batman Forever) and finally, Michael Keaton (Batman, Batman Returns).

When it comes to villains, the clear winner is The Joker - - most likely attributed to Heath Ledger, who is also one of the top recent searches on Ask.com.

As far as directors go, data from Ask.com shows that Tim Burton is the favorite garnering 98% of searches, followed by Christopher Nolan, director of The Dark Knight and finally Joel Schumacher.

In terms of popularity by movie title, The Dark Knight had almost three times the number of searches than runner-up Batman. Here is the full ranked list:

1. The Dark Knight
2. Batman
3. Batman Begins
4. Batman and Robin
5. Batman Forever
6. Batman Returns

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July 08, 2008

Unveiling the Most Popular Destination Wedding Locations

While June is historically known as the most popular month for weddings, the entire three month span of June, July and August is commonly referred to as “wedding season.” 178 million adults are online, many of them brides-to-be wanting to step outside the traditional nuptials mold, and are searching for the most beautiful destination wedding venues.

A destination wedding can be exciting, adventurous and the ideal choice for many modern brides and whether it’s somewhere tropical, tourist-y or totally off the beaten path, destination weddings are sure to not disappoint.

So where are these bride hopefuls looking to hold their destination dream day? Digging into the Ask.com search banks, we lifted the veil to uncover the top 10:

Ask.com’s Top 10 Most Searched Destination Wedding Locations:
1.  Costa Rica
2.  Maui, Hawaii
3.  Belize
4.  Aruba
5.  Virgin Islands
6.  Nassau, Bahamas
7.  Punta Cana
8.  Cabo San Lucas
9.  Tuscany
10. Florida Keys

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July 02, 2008

Ask.com is Grillin' and Chillin' for the 4th of July

For some the 4th of July is all about fireworks and going to the beach. Grilling fans know better. It’s all about grillin' and chillin'. So, Ask.com decided to get to the “meat” of the matter and find out who came out on top this year -- the hamburger or hot dog?

According to Ask.com’s online searches, the answer is clear: hamburgers outweigh hot dogs in popularity by 33%!

Not to forget about something sweet to finish off the BBQ, we wanted to test the adage that there’s “nothing more American than apple pie,” and a look at our recent recipe searches proves that it’s absolutely true. Apple most certainly reins supreme accounting for 42% of all recent pie searches. Other fresh seasonal favorites that round out the top three are Key Lime and Strawberry Rhubarb, perfect for summer celebrations and get togethers.

Check out our complete list of the most popular pies on Ask.com:

Ask.com's Top 10 Pie Searches
1.  Apple
2.  Key Lime
3.  Strawberry Rhubarb
4.  Pecan
5.  Peach
6.  Blueberry
7.  Pumpkin
8.  Lemon Meringue
9.  Coconut Cream
10. Banana Cream

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