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August 28, 2008

Ask.com Celebrates Ask Kids Relaunch

We’ve been bouncing around the office all day with these new Ask Kids Hippity Hops. We celebrated the launch of the new Ask Kids in the best way we knew how: by acting like kids ourselves. What do you think of our new toys?

  Ask_kids_hippity_hops  Ask_kids_toys

Ask Kids is homegrown, built from the ground-up, with our own search technology. We basically started from scratch and added search results and websites that pass our very strict test of what’s OK and what’s not OK. We had our editors contribute great kid's sites and used that as a basis to teach our search algorithms what to look for. The result is what we believe to be the most comprehensive, kid-friendly search available today.

Check it out... 

At first glance, Ask Kids has a whole new look, with a completely customizable home page.


Take notes and doodle using the drawing tools, or pick out a few stickers to personalize your page with some cool images.

The all new Ask Kids has some exciting new product features as well (you may find them to be a striking resemblance to some of our most popular Ask3D features on Ask.com). The new visual design for Ask Kids is a great way to present information and get kids engaged, since they tend to be more clickers than they are typers. Try a search on High School Musical:


In the left rail, you’ll find the ever-present search box as well as the newest home for Ask.com’s famous Zoom Related Search. Narrow your search with High School Musical Lyrics, expand your search with related queries like Disney Channel, or check out related names like Zac Efron. As you move across the page you’ll find a Smart Answer at the top of the center panel. You’ll get relevant information about your query without having to surf through any links. In the right panel we serve up additional content like images and current events. As you change your query, the right rail content changes as well. Try a search on Egypt and we’ll show you local information like time, weather, and currency.

We’ve also pulled together all of our at-a-glance homework help and reference links into what we call the Schoolhouse. As you click on each subject the pages are packed with useful learning resources, shortcut links, and reference sites that we’ve highlighted especially for kids. We’ve also given parents and kids the ability to filter these tools by age group, so you can always find the most relevant resources for the child’s schoolwork.


Ask Kids also makes it easy for kids to do an unlimited amount of reference searches, from famous people to world and state facts, as well as conversion equations, calculations, and dictionary and thesaurus searches.

Try any of these searches:
Cups to a gallon
Synonyms of fast
45 divided by 12
Minnesota quarter

Oh, and also brand new to Ask Kids is video search. We’ve got video content, great for school research, from dozens of safe video content providers like Animal Planet, BBC, Discovery, and PBS. Try Global Warming or Volcanoes.

Ask Kids is an important part of our heritage, and reflects nearly 10 years of customer insights. We hope that you enjoy the site as much as we do.

Brendan Hallett
Senior Product Manager 

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