November 19, 2007

An Ask3D Thanksgiving

What with the success of our last TV campaign, we've learned that the best way to clue you to Ask3D's features is, well, to show them. In honor of the holiday next week, here's a few tools for a better Thanksgiving, courtesy of Enjoy!

Recipe book not doing it for you? Find cooking videos on 

Ask Video Search.

Let Smart Answers save you time by collect the best linksat the top of 

your search results page.

So the whole family's there. What next? Use AskCity to planyour holiday: movies, 

local events, restaurants and more.

Traveling this holiday? Ask Smart Answers can even give you the latest status on 


Use Ask Weather Search to find out if you need that heavy 

jacket after all.

Get the reference you need with Encyclopedia Search.Ask right-rail Smart Answers like News Images help you get the complete picture of 

your Web search.

Check Ask Blog search for all the latest info that the news outlets WON'T tell 

you--like where to do the best holiday shopping!

Found a break between family events and football games? Stay up-do-date on current events 

with Ask News Search.

Happy Turkey,

Ken Grobe
Content Product Manager


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September 27, 2007

AskCity and Entertainment Publishing : A Real Two-for-One Deal

If you've read any of our previous posts about AskCity, you know it's the kind of local search that's sure to save you time. Now, it can even save you money.

How? Enter IAC sister company Entertainment Publications, Inc. You might know them as the company who puts out the annual Entertainment coupon books. (My personal favorite: the discounted movie ticket coupons).

We've partnered with them to provide their coupons with our AskCity search results. Their coupon books are targeted to each city, which made them an ideal match with us. See a coupon you want? A free 14-day no-obligation trial gets you the coupon PLUS access to their whole coupon database: dining, shopping, mani-pedis...the whole local magilla.

For example:

Midas, Los Angeles
Omni Berkshire Place Hotel, New York
Flavor of India, Seattle
KB Toys, San Francisco

So the next time you do an AskCity search, keep an eye out for the Entertainment coupons--where, and when, you can really use them.

--The AskCity Team

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