July 26, 2007

Live Free, Kick Hard

When people think Ask.com, they think search: superhuman algorithms, intuitive and innovative tools, Apostolos Gerasoulis (c'mon - the commercials were amazing)...Yet Ask.com isn't content with mastery in search alone. We've recently forayed our talents into an emerging market which yielded big returns: Kickball.

Introducing Ask.com's Team Fireballz

The Fireballz, comprised of nearly 20 Ask-ers from departments across the company, committed to 8 games in San Francisco's Gold Rush league. Every Thursday night, members of the Fireballz faithfully removed their search hats, put on some cleats, and sojourned from Oakland to San Francisco to meet and compete with one of sixteen other teams Unfortunately, Ask.com was the only company this season with the foresight to sponsor a team, yet with the buzz surrounding the sport, it shouldn't be long before we see other companies jumping the k-ball bandwagon (this means you, Initech).

The season was rife with anecdotes that rivaled the movie Rudy. But the team's defining moment of the season occurred early on, during game two, when the Fireballz were matched against the Sinicans.

After several dismal innings under a splash of stormy sky, the Fireballz faced what was sure to be an enormous blow to not only their team but the kickball community at large: an embarrassing loss of 0-5. Shame face.

With just one inning to go, any other team would have choked...would have wiped tears (and sweat) from their faces as they walked away in defeat...muttering, "next time, next time"--but not the Fireballz.

In an unprecedented display of athletic prowess, the F'ballz got down (like gravity) and dirtier (mud-laden field). With the bases loaded, Paul "Firefoot" Loeffler went up to bat and delivered the kickball to the heavens--leaving Team Sinicans in despair as he, and two teammates headed home. 1, 2, 3 runs. Intoxicated by the sweet scent of victory, the F'ballz continued. With two outs and the bases loaded once more, Michael "Jon Bon" Ferguson strutted to the plate--wait for it--and Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon'd the ball with a move never before witnessed, sending three more F'ballz home and bringing the game home with a final score of 6-5.

The overall season standing of the Fireballz was a respectable 3-4-1, with an unofficial silver medal in Spirit, Cheer, and Good Attitude. With nowhere to go but up, Fireballz: Season Three--starting August 2--should be chock full of surprises. Until then, keep your eye on the ball.

Amy Daggett
& Fireballer Since 2006

(Photos by Michael Ferguson, Kennedy Thorwarth, and Amy)

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March 30, 2006

George Mason Fact Guide

* George Mason is the first 11 seed to make the Final Four since LSU in 1986 and the first non-BCS team to make it since Penn and Indiana State in 1979.

* Is just the second double-digit seed to reach the Final Four, hitting six straight 3-pointers in the second half and shooting 5-for-6 in overtime to stun top-seeded and heavily favored UConn 86-84.

* This season set new school records for wins in a season (27), assists in a season (497), field-goal percentage defense (.384) and scoring defense (58.9).

Sources: GoMason.com | CBS.Sportsline.com

ps. If you find this post perplexing, read this article.

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